The Bridge (xentica.bridge)

The bridge between Xentica and GUI interface.

This package contains all necessary stuff to connect Xentica framework to custom interactive visualization environments.

Right now, only one environment (Moire) is available. This is the official environment, evolving along with the main framework. You are free to implement your own environments. If so, please make a PR on Github and we’ll include your solution to the bridge.

Bridge functions are automatically used when you run the simulation like this:

import moire
ca = MyCellularAutomaton(MyExperiment)
gui = moire.GUI(runnable=ca)

Base (xentica.bridge.base)

This module contains the main class to be used in custom bridges.

Methods from Bridge class should be used in other bridges

class xentica.bridge.base.Bridge

Bases: object

Main bridge class containing basic functions.

static exit_app(_model, gui)

Exit GUI application.

static noop(_model, _gui)

Do nothing.

static speed(dspeed)

Change simulation speed.

static toggle_pause(model, _gui)

Pause/unpause simulation.

static toggle_sysinfo(_model, gui)

Turn system info panel on/off.

Moire (xentica.bridge.moire)

Module with the bridge to Moire UI.

class xentica.bridge.moire.MoireBridge

Class incaplulating the actions for Moire UI.

[ Speed simulation down.

] Speed simulation up.

SPACEBAR Pause/unpause simulation.

F12 Toggle system info.

ESC Exit app.